About Us

‘Wildman & Nikki Sedacca’ is a collection of accessories and jewelry made from python found in Florida’s Everglades. Each one-of-a-kind piece helps raise awareness of the dire threat invasive pythons pose to the humans and native wildlife of Florida’s Everglades. Additionally, the collection reflects the efforts made by Dusty “Wildman” Crum and members of the Python Elimination Program to restore the delicate ecosystem.


Burmese pythons were never meant to live in Florida’s Everglades. Following accidental or purposeful release into the wild by pet owners and from Hurricane Andrew, the invasive species thrived and subsequently has decimated Florida’s native inhabitants-- marsh rabbits, gray squirrels, domestic cats, raccoons, bobcats, and even the American alligator. With an insatiable appetite, no natural local predator, the ability to travel long distances, and females found carrying up to 100 developing eggs, the python population would cause catastrophic and irreversible damage.


Sharing in their admiration for the beauty of Florida’s landscape and native wildlife, Wildman and Nikki Sedacca collaborated to produce a remarkable a collection of handbags, clothing, and jewelry. Entirely made in Florida, a piece from ‘Wildman & Nikki Sedacca’ should be worn with gratitude in the knowledge that there is a strength and beauty in the python amidst this tragedy, helping to save Florida’s precious Everglades.