Florida Python Collection in the News

Read Sarasota Magazine's article about the collaboration by Ashley Cooper.

Here is a little excerpt:  

His partnership with Sedacca was a natural fit.

“We’re friends; I had been buying orchids from him for years and years,” Sedacca says. “I knew he got involved in the python program, and I said, ‘What are you doing with [the snakes]?’ At first, he was catching them and keeping them alive, bringing them to the University of Florida, where he knew someone there who was analyzing them. Then the program changed, and he was able to get [the pythons’] skins. 

“So I said, ‘Why don’t we design kind of a Florida project using the snakes that are found in the Everglades? We’ll get them tanned in Florida and we’ll manufacture them in Florida, too.’ He thought it was a great idea, so we cooked up this collaboration.”

Sedacca says that the goal of the collaboration is to help save the Everglades, because at the moment there are no predators against the pythons.


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